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This is our most intense & popular program.

The program is designed to repair any and all negative remarks listed on your credit report, along with aligning your credit goals with your lifestyle.

 I'm excited, and you should be too; you're moments away from changing the access you to credit, approval odds, and APRs that do seem too good to be true!

  • Length of service - (7 months)
  • Max (15) Negative Items Disputed from all 3 major bureaus (1,000 Dollar Value Included)
  • Max (20) Hard Inquiries from all 3 major bureaus ($500+ Value Included)
  • (7) Rounds of Dispute Letters (IF NEEDED) 
  • Access to your own personal client portal (YOU'RE ALWAYS IN CONTROL)
  • Help Establish Banking Relationship for you with top lending banks! ($2,000 Dollar Value Included)
  • Help Establish Business Credit, skillfully telling you what steps to take to maximize potential funding opportunities (25,000+ VALUE INCLUDED) 
  • Debt Creditor Interventions - Managing settlements the right way!
  • Cease & Desist letters - Stop the Debt collectors from harassing you!
  • Score Analysis
  • Late Payments



Our letters that will be used, force the Credit Bureaus to fully verify accounts reported on your credit report. If they’re unable to fully verify the account they must remove them within 30 days. However, sometimes the first round of letters is not enough, and they need further communication! Don’t worry we will handle it ensuring your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act are protected!

**We schedule your next (1) 30-day appointment in advance, which ensures your CREDIT goals are heard and MET**

After your order is placed, you'll receive your first email confirming your order and membership! (Yayyy! The hardest part is done, you made it look easy!)

Within 24 hours you'll receive another email from our HR TEAM, officially welcoming you to our family, and asking you to get started with creating your client portal! 

Within 3 days of successful completion of the client portal, we take immediate action to start helping remove the negative and derogatory items listed on your credit report 

Who is this program for? 

This program is for that individual that wants to make their goals HAPPEN THIS YEAR! This program is for that individual that knows they need to be held accountable, someone who's ready to be challenged, and change the way they see the credit.

"I want an 800 score"
"I'm stuck in the 600s"
"I want to buy my first home"
"I want to get business funding"
"I want to buy an investment property"
"I want to increase my credit score"
"I want access to higher credit limits"
"I get denied even though I have a pretty good score"
"I have collections, and I want to learn about how to use my credit"
"I have great cash flow but I don't know how to turn it into credit" 
"I make good money but ruined my credit while I was younger" 


We're ready to help! Cheers to a powerful 2021!  

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