Get Louder W/ Real Estate Guide

Get Louder W/ Real Estate Guide

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What will you learn from your new "Get Louder W/ Real Estate Guide" 

- How to get properly licensed

- How to ensure you are ready for testing, and the best way to study

- How to find a real estate firm that works for you 

- The difference between joining a team and being a solo agent

- How to sell $10,000 dollar homes vs 1 Million dollar homes

- How to properly establish your real estate business

- Marketing your real estate business to win 

- The difference between buying agent and selling agent

- How to host an open house 

- How to meet other realtors in your area 

- How to get a client ready to buy a home 

- How to get pre-approved

- How to get to closing day 

- What are the true cost of being a real estate agent 

-  Yearly licensing requirements 

- How to obtain a license in multiple cities 

- How does referral works and why do they matter 

- Does the Realtor help with apartments too

and so much more! 


This is a physical product.