Elite Package

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"What are you getting with the "Repair, Rebuild, & Grow Credit Elite PLUS Group?"

Length of service - (5 months)

Rigor - Mild

Max (10) Negative Items Disputed from all 3 major bureaus 

Max (15) Hard Inquiries from all 3 major bureaus

(5) Rounds of Dispute Letters

Mailing Speed: Priority Mailing 

  • Debt Creditor Interventions - Managing settlements the right way!
  • Cease & Desist letters - Stop the Debt collectors from harassing you!
  • Score Analysis
  • (1) Credit Strong Gear 
  • Late Payments

Our letters that will be used, force the Credit Bureaus to fully verify accounts reported on your credit report. If they’re unable to fully verify the account they must remove them within 30 days. However, sometimes the first round of letters is not enough, and they need further communication! Don’t worry we will handle it ensuring your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act are protected!

While some clients will no longer have negative collections in months two + three, this time will be used to help arrange ways to increase and maintain credit score, through insightful mentors.

I have found my clients love this package due to the level of attention and care that is shown for each client. 

 With our "Elite+" each client is on their own timeframe, each client has different goals and timeframes and we adhere to them!

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